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Australian Sports Medal Recipients

The Australian Sports Medal is a commemorative medal awarded during the Year 2000.  The medal provided a wonderful opportunity for the nation to honour many of those Australians which the sports community regards as having made a significant contribution to Australian sport as players or in a support role.  As awarded to:


Aileen Martin
Bill Summerside
Brett Thomas
Mavis Morphett
Norma Stead OAM
Val Brunker OAM

Life members

Percy Tull (deceased)
Errol Sebbens (deceased)
Len Watson (deceased)
Norma Stead OAM
Eric Marks (deceased)
Herbert W Lane (deceased)
Glen Evans (deceased)
Ruby Lymbery (deceased)
Bernice Evans (deceased)
Helen Jones
Ron McIntyre (deceased)
Bob Milgate (deceased)
Esme Jamieson (deceased)
Mavis Morphett
Fay Thomas
Annette Young
Val Brunker OAM
Rhonda Bailey
Aileen Martin (deceased)
Bill Summerside
Brenda Sligar
Norma Luckins (deceased)
Brett Thomas
Susan Veigel
Dale Wood

Association Member of the Year

Masport Trophy 1979-2019
Norma Stead Trophy as of 2020

1979Aileen Martin
1980Bob Milgate
1981Vanessa Parker
1982Norma Stead
1983Ron McIntyre
1984Esme Jamieson
1985Merv Sercombe
1986Clare Woods
1987Grace Wyatt (posthumous)
1988Joan Mason
1989Margaret Harding
1990Mavis Morphett
1991Val Brunker
1992Fay Thomas
1993Bill Summerside
1994Annette Young
1995Chris Scott
1996Joyce Sebar
1997Tom Hughes
1998Karen Bartle
1999Dale Wood
2000Debbie Cattell
2003Norma Luckins
2004Rhonda Bailey
2005Doug Sell (posthumous)
2007Geoff King
2008Brenda Sligar
2011Hazel Lewis
2019Brett Thomas
2020David Lehman
2021Jan Horspool
2022Nathan Short
2023Ross Douglas

Special mention

And we give a special mention to Ellen Perez who was one of our junior players, and who is currently playing on the WTA Tour.


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