Annual General Meeting 17th August 2020


17th AUGUST 2020 7.00pm

Via Zoom video conferencing

Meeting ID: 837 9190 0299

The nominations received for the following positions 2020-2021


Brett Thomas nominated by Sue Veigel seconded Faye Lindoy




Sue Veigel nominated by Karen Bartle seconded Brett Thomas




Bev Corfield nominated Ross Douglas seconded Sharyn Farrell


Karen Bartle nominated by Sue Veigel seconded Steve Tooley


Bill Summerside nominated by Tania Patterson seconded Bob Morgan


Jan Horspool nominated by Brett Thomas seconded Mavis Morphett


Bill Summerside nominated by Bob Morgan seconded Tania Patterson



Wendi Burnett nominated by Faye Lindoy seconded Sue Veigel

David Graham nominated by Bill Summerside seconded Marian Summerside

Ross Douglas nominated by Chris Joyson seconded Steve Twyford

Fay Lindoy nominated by Sue Veigel seconded Brett Thomas

Ros Poole nominated Paul Summerside by seconded Renee Winston

Junior Competition Finals Series

Saturday morning junior competition

Division 1Semi Final
Semi Final
Minnamurra 1 v Minnamurra 2
McDonald Park 1 v Kiama 2
(Minnamurra Court 1)
(McDonald Park Court 1)
Division 2Semi Final
Semi Final
Oak Flats 1 v McDonald Park 3
Oak Flats 2 v McDonald Park 2
(McDonald Park Court 3)
(McDonald Park Court 4)
Division 3Semi Final
Semi Final
Minnamurra 3 v Jamberoo 3
Gerringong 1 v Minnamurra 4
(Jamberoo Court 1)
(Jamberoo Court 3)
Division 4FinalOak Flats 5 v McDonald Park 4(Oak Flats Court 1)
Division 5FinalGerringong 2 v Oak Flats 6(Gerringong Court 1)
Division 6FinalMinnamurra 7 v Minnamurra 6(Minnamurra Court 2)
Division 7Semi Final
Semi Final
Kiama 7 v Albion Park 3
Gerringong 4 v Gerringong 5
(Jamberoo Court 4)
(Gerringong Court 2)

Men’s Night Competition Final Series


                                                                   SPRING/SUMMER  COMPETITION  2019/20

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Division 1FinalKiama 2 v Kiama 4(Kiama Court 2)
Division 5Semi Final
Semi Final
Jamberoo 12 v Jamberoo 11
Kiama 20 v McDonald Park 2
(Jamberoo Court 1)
(Jamberoo Court 2)

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Division 2AFinalKiama 10 v Kiama 11(Kiama Court 1)
Division 2BSemi Final
Semi Final
Kiama 13 v Oak Flats 1
Kiama 12 v Jamberoo 2
(McDonald Park Court 3)
(McDonald Park Court 4)
Division 3FinalJamberoo 5 v Jamberoo 3(Jamberoo Court 3)
Division 4FinalJamberoo 7 v McDonald Park 2(McDonald Park Court 1)

Tennis Talk ~ Ladies Night Competition December 2019

Ladies Night Competition ~ Round Up for 2019

Congratulations to the eight teams who battled the wind Monday  and Tuesday night.

Monday night saw Division Two and Division Three take it down to the wire. Some amazing tennis was played by all teams.

Jamberoo 3 defeated Minnamurra 2 in the Division Two Grand Final. Donna Short, Janelle Passlow and Sophie Short represented Jamberoo whilst the Minnamurra team was made up of Olivia Sivills, Francine Sivills and Brooke Johnston.

Gerringong 6 defeated a determined Jamberoo 5 side in the Division Three Grand Final. The match being decided in the final set. Congratulations to Niole Wolley, Kylie McKelvey and Leisa Mowbray representing Gerringong and Michelle Olsen, Hazel Lewis and Leanne McPharland for Jamberoo.

Tuesday night, just as windy but a little warmer thankfully.

Kiama 2 were too strong for Kiama 1. Jessica Pinney, Amanda Koorey and Tahlia Koorey taking out the honours. Thank you so much to Rebecca Parnis who filled in for the Kiama 1 team. Rebecca, Belinda Murphy and myself battled hard but the opposition were just too good.

Division 4 was a real cliff hanger with the match being decided by a Tie Break. 25 games all, 3 sets all…… what a match. Jamberoo 7 held their nerve in the Tie Break defeating Kiama 5. Barb Smith, Denise Kelly and Jo Skofic were the victors for Jamberoo whilst Jan Talbert, Robyn Humphreys and Jan Callaghan gave it their all for Kiama.

Congratulations again to all who competed in two absolutely fantastic nights of tennis. I hope you can all make it to the Christmas Bash planned for Monday and Tuesday night next week.

Jan Horspool

Ladies Competition Secretary

Tennis Talk ~ Ladies Midweek December 2019

Ladies Midweek Round Up for 2019

Congratulations to the six teams who battled the wind and the heat on Thursday.  Jamberoo were represented in every Grand Final which was a great club effort.

In Division One Gerringong 1 were too strong for Jamberoo 1. Kathy Wallace, Susan Roche and Melissa Matters played for Gerringong whilst Lisa Geoghegan, Angela Brooke-Smith and Donna Simcock represented Jamberoo.

It was a Jamberoo v Jamberoo affair in Division Two with Jamberoo 2 defeating Jamberoo 3. Donna Short, Katharina Hudson and Sue Veigel represented Jamberoo 2 whilst Jamberoo 3 was made up of Marilyn Quye, Tracee Rooke and Francine Sivills.

Gerringong 3 defeated a determined Jamberoo 4 side in the Division Three Grand Final. The match being decided in the final set. Congratulations to Theresa Salzano, Birgitta Smith and Cassie Harris for Gerringong and Enid VanDerMolen, Beth Sawtell and Susan Mills for Jamberoo.

Congratulations again to all who competed. I hope you can all make it to the Christmas Bash planned for Thursday next week.

Report  Jan Horspool


Tennis Talk ~ March 2019

Australian Teams To Shepparton Victoria

In January 2019 two teams represented KSDTA and played for NSW in the competition conducted by NSW but held in Shepparton Victoria due to the lack of courts required to host such an event in NSW. In the 45/50 NSW team of Richard Welsh, Frank Wallner, Owen Rice, Todd Austin and John Kerr performed well in a “tough” group and were placed 5th behind the winners South Australia and 2nd WA.

In the 70 Mens event Bob Morgan, Allan Cocks, David Jones, Joe Zucker, Brian Clegg and Alan Sachs performed well. The NSW 2 Team was placed 4th behind the winning Victoria No 1 team. Bob Morgan’s team defeated Victoria 2 and had a narrow loss to New Zealand 80 games to 54.

Bob Morgan Wins in Ulladulla

Local Kiama player Robert Morgan won his division of the 75 Mens Singles at the recent (February 2019) Ulladulla Seniors tournament. Bob had four wins over his opposition in the singles conceding only one game. Bob then combined with David Graham to be runner up in the 65 Men’s and the 130 Men’s Doubles. In the 130 Doubles Bob and David went through undefeated but were relegated to 2nd on sets. Bob after a slow start was also runner up in the Combined 130/140 Mixed Doubles.

 Complete Kiama and Wollongong Results


Men’s singles – Section 6 Winner – Bob Morgan

Men’s singles – Section 7 Runner up – Cliff Maisey

Ladies singles – Section 3 Winner – Kay Daniel

Men’s Age Doubles

45/50/60 Winner – David Rouse & Jason Clark

55/65/70/75 Winner – Allan Cocks & Steve Hickman

60/65/70/75 Winner – Greg Scott & Russell Rumery

55/60/65 Runner up – David Graham & Bob Morgan

Ladies Age Doubles

40/45/50 Winner – Anne Rouse & Cathy Benson

 Combined Age Mixed Doubles 

95 Section 1 Runner up – David Rouse & Cathy Benson

95 Section 2 Winner – Jason Clark & Anne Rouse

95/110 Winner – Belinda Arthur & Geoff Cook

110/120 Winner – Steve Hickman & Robyn Brennan

130/140 Section 1 Winner – David Graham & Margaret Wayte

130/140 Section 2 Runner up – Bob Morgan & Thelma Winroe

 Combined Age Ladies Doubles

110/120 Section 2 Runner up – Caroline Turner & Robyn Brennan

130/140 Winner – Susan Roche & Sue Willis

 Combined Age Men’s Doubles

95/110/120 Winner – Pete Izzard & Rob Lutton

130/140 Section 2 Runner up – Allan Cocks & Steve Hickman

140 Section 1 Runner up – David Graham & Bob Morgan

Age Mixed Doubles

45/50 Winner – Pete Izzard & Deb Loves

45/50/55/60 Runner up – Steve Hickman & Robyn Brennan

60/65 Winner – Susan Roche & Phil Bryant 

 Ellen Perez

Ellen Perez of Shellharbour was granted a wildcard into the Australian Open in January at Melbourne but came up against strong opposition in Y. Wang of China losing 6/4 6/0. Destanee Aiava and Zoe Hives also receiving Wildcards. In the doubles Ellen played with Ariana Rodianova losing to Chan and Chan also from China 6/3 7/5. Chan and Chan went onto lose in the quarter finals to Brady and Riske 6/3 7/6. Ellen in a career best performance defeated Mladenovic of France in the 2018 Sydney International which spring boarded her to a solid 2018 season. Perez has won $242,102 US on the circuit since turning Pro in in 2017.

Country Tournaments-Early 2019

Mar 29-31

Goulburn Tennis Club

Dave Ridley

0418 162 252

 Apr 5-7

Howe Park Grasscourt, Singleton

Craig Miles

0417 265 066

 Apr 19-22

Easter Weekend – ACT ITF 2

Apr 26-28

Gloucester Seniors NRT 6

Ruth Johnson

0418 763 041

Apr 26-28

Jim Elphick TC, Wagga Wagga NRT 7

Cathy Breese

02 6983 8111

 Reported: David Graham